The Wellerman

Resource Page for The Wellerman project!


We’re going to remote record/mix a video of us doing The Wellerman, the shanty that went nuts on social media.

Important bits:

Key: Bm

Tempo: 92bpm



  1. Get comfortable with the song – see the links below.
  2. Practise it.  Against the Click Track, The MIDI generated MP3 and/or Andy’s Vocal.
  3. Make a video of you playing/singing your part RIGHT THROUGH the track.  You will get mixed in and out of the video depending on how it arranges best, if I have a full length track of you, then I have more flexibility, my life gets easier…
    1. You will need some way of playing the MIDI or Andy’s vocal through headphones so its sound doesn’t appear on your video.
    2. You will need some other device to record your video on.
  4. Send your video to Calum in MP4 format please.


Project Files:

The full piece (with not all the lyrics…):

The mando-tab score in Bm

The mando-tab score in Am if you prefer those fingers and a capo



Music Files

Andy’s Vocal MP4: Andy Vocal

The full Musescore generated thing as MP3: The Wellerman MIDI

92BPM Click track as MP3: BPM92 Click Track



Other Resources:

Spotify Song Link – The Longest Johns, The Wellerman:
Musescore Arrangement based on the above, different key:
The original Nathan Evans TikTok that made the thing go nuts:
Chords etc: