The Beamdunes

Bampton Folk Club is incredibly proud and utterly delighted to announce the very first spin-out band from the club: The Beamdunes! Several founder and regular players with the club have been performing in local pubs over the past few months under the banner of Bampton Folk Club to a flood of positive feedback and great online reviews.

The decision to form The Beamdunes was an entirely natural and logical one to ensure the continuity of Bampton Folk Club and to further the gigging ambitions of the members of The Beamdunes. The (now) Beamdunes had concerns that with more gigs (and even a festival!) on the horizon the Club would begin to be seen not so much as a folk club but as a band which might inhibit occasional players from joining us on our Sunday night sessions at The Romany Inn.

So Bampton Folk Club remains exactly that, the friendly, inclusive Sunday get together to play, sing and learn folk songs and marvel at some of the more tangential departures from the folk genre! But best of all, to a man and to a lady, The Beamdunes are fundamentally committed to the continuing success of Bampton Folk Club and will continue to form the regular core of our sessions – quite simply the best of both worlds. Bampton Folk Club continues with increasingly seasoned (and often marinated) musicians at it’s heart and The Beamdunes benefit from the club and occasional players’ influence introducing new styles, songs, tunes and inspiration.

Particularly with “home turf” gigs at The Romany, The Beamdunes are also committed to giving club musicians a friendly and supportive environment to make their stage debuts as guest players, after all a significant number of The Beamdunes made their performance debuts with the Club at The Romany in October of 2017 with the A Cappella opener, “South Australia”, an impressive way to earn your stripes!

Please take the time to follow The Beamdunes on the social media networks of your choice and lend them the fabulous support you’ve shown while gigging under the Bampton Folk Club banner; same people, same musical influences, same barnstorming bouzouki and banjo jigs and reels, now with a shiny new name and logo!


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